The New England AIA COTE Leadership Summit is a collaboration of AIA Committees on the Environment throughout New England (Maine, Boston, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) to bring leaders from our region together to collaborate and discuss the biggest obstacles to integrating high-performance, sustainable buildings as a standard practice. 

This year's theme will be: Leadership - Beyond the Building.  

How can we facilitate effective change for enhanced sustainability in our communities at district scales?  This year's Summit will bring together demonstrated sustainability leaders from our region to come together to discuss, collaborate, and strategize next steps related to our region’s biggest obstacles for advancing sustainability efforts at the community scale. A primary goal will be to collectively address and mitigate climate change  

Clark Brockman, a national leader in architecture, planning, and climate responsive design, as well as a passionate advocate for high performance building at the district scale, will act as the keynote speaker and facilitator at the Summit.